Wow, it’s almost March and my New Year’s resolution to make it easier for people to see my photos is 99% complete. To do this I’ve asked a friend to build me this new website where you can see some of the work I’m doing, book photo sessions and purchase prints of some of your favourite shots. As many of you know I love to get up super early, head over to the Broadwater and shoot those amazing sunrises that the Gold Coast is so famous for. Whether the skies are clear or cloudy, the warmth of the light and the dawn of a new day helps inspire so many of you. Thanks for all the great positive comments that you add to my Facebook posts! It really gives me awesome feedback to keep being that early riser and looking for cool new places and subjects for my camera. One of my other passions is my motorbike and that’s often a great excuse to get out on the open road to explore the terrain. Last year I did a big circuit through New England in NSW that has some great scenic drives.

These landscapes and dawn to dusk photos are going to be available in a new Photo Shop here on my website so you can order prints. We’ve decided to start with Small, Medium and Large formats that you can then have framed to suit your own tastes or the compliment the images.

Commission work is always welcome. Special occasions like family celebrations, corporate events or portfolio work for your business or website are easy and affordable. I’ve put together some package deals as well as basic rates, but if you have specific needs, just get in touch and we’ll discuss.

Last but certainly not least is being able to book me for body-building shows or events. We’ve set up a couple quick and easy ways to get in touch and I’llĀ  be posting upcoming shows that I’m attending as official photographer. If you’re competing anywhere in Queensland where i’m shooting you can arrange for me to take your stage and comp shots for your portfolio.

We’ll probably find a few minor glitches as the site gets fine tuned, so bear with us, and if you find a flaw, just send me an email so we can get on to it right away.