Nick Northcoat
Photographer & Adventurer
My Story

Photography, like many art forms is about technique, vision and seeing the world differently. There’s a technical aspect with lenses, shutter speeds, exposure and playing with light that helps you get the best performance from your camera. Then there’s the composition, perspective and need to be ‘in the moment’; that appeals to the artistic side of me. My friends know me as a 100% Canon fan-boy, but for my subjects I’m just a guy with a camera who can make them look good. I really enjoy the aspect of working with my subjects, to find their playful side or show off a different part of themselves.

When I turn my attention to nature, it’s more about light, energy and place. Finding the magic, fleeting microsecond that’s now forever in time when I press the shutter. Taking those images requires quiet contemplation, waiting for the moment to be ‘just right’ and hopefully when you look at them, you too feel a sense of peace, stillness, or connection to our surroundings.